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About Lawn Ace

Lawn Ace is a collective of lawn professionals sharing their best local lawn tips and accessible to answer all of your lawn care questions. 

The team of experts at Lawn Ace all have experience delivering lawn care services in Augusta, Georgia, but what we're most passionate about is educating our customers on what they can do to maximize and maintain the results of their lawn service and improve the health and appearance of their landscape. 

See our Pro Tips and DIY Advice for all things lawn care, landscaping, gardening, and more!

Don't Forget the Original Lawn Ace!

Lawn Ace was named for our own "right-hand man" – or, in this case, "right-hand dog!" Maddie was one of the first miniature Dachshunds in the lawn care industry, providing back-up from the passenger seat while her human sprayed lawns.

She became the unofficial mascot when her human left to start his own company, and now she's been promoted to full-time mascot of Lawn Ace! Though she doesn’t get much truck time these days - she does have two little brothers to take care of now - she’s still just as much a part of the office and the family as any other member of our team!

Catch the latest from her dogs-eye view in Maddie's Corner