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Our Lawn Care Blog

From professional tips to make your lawn look like there should be a PGA golf cart parked out back, to inspiration for your next garden project, to fun outdoor events and opportunities in the community - we like to keep a fresh supply of local news, advice, and other information on hand for you. 

Here's the latest news we've dug up! 

Dog, resting in the grass
Maddie's Corner

Can Dogs Get Lyme Disease?

Can man's best friend contract Lyme disease? Yes! But luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your dog protected against ticks and the tick-borne illnesses they can spread.Read more
Pro Tip

Local Plants You Can Eat!

Whether you enjoy spending time in your garden, playing in your backyard, or walking in the local park, you may come across some edible plants found in Georgia!Read more