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​​Maddie’s Favorite Augusta Dog Parks

Dog running in the grass at a dog park

It’s finally time. You’re ready to take me to the park, right? It’s me, your favorite furry friend, Maddie! Dog parks are my absolute favorite and I’m excited to share some of my favorite spots in Augusta, GA with you! At dog parks, I get to spend time with my favorite people, while also making new friends and roaming without a leash!

Here are my favorite places to visit. Pick a good one, okay?

Pendleton King Bark Park

I know, I know. Pendle King is a bird sanctuary! Oh, but it’s not just that. Pendleton King also has a Bark Park! And it’s my favorite place to be.  Located in mid-Augusta, Pendleton King Bark Park has space to let me run around, and even mini pools to splash in.

It also has explicit rules to keep us safe! Only dog owners and their dogs are allowed in the park, which means all visitors will be used to furry faces. Better yet, in the unleashed area, all owners have to supervise their dogs and have leashes readily available. Aggressive dogs are required to leave immediately! So when that one mean dog appears every blue moon, we don’t have to worry about our safety or comfort.

The park has different sections for small and large dogs, letting everyone find a friend their size. With drinking water available and even agility equipment offered, you can bring me here and rest easy knowing I’ll be set for a full day of fun.

Here’s the address:

Pendleton King Bark Park
1600 Troupe St
Augusta, GA 30904

Fort Gordon Dog Park

My second favorite? Fort Gordon Dog Park! This park has wide, open places for me to run. Better yet, these areas are also fenced, so you don’t have to worry about me running too far.

Fort Gordon also has two fenced-in sides, one for dogs over 35 pounds and one for those under. With water stations and activities on both sides, we just can’t lose! I’ve even heard of a fire hydrant-shaped mist machine. Now that’s what I want to see!

Fort Gordon Park also has obstacle courses for me to try. Of course, harmful dogs or dogs with unprovoked aggressiveness aren’t allowed in the park. We’ll be able to explore obstacle courses and activities without worry here.

Take me here for a fun time with peace of mind! I promise I’ll make some great friends.

Here’s Fort Gordon Dog Park’s address:

Fort Gordon Dog Park
Near Boundless Playground, 39th St.
Augusta, GA 30905

Riverside Park

Okay, I’ve just got to include this bonus park! Located in Evans, GA this park is a bit more of a drive. Still, with extremely large areas of grass and multiple activities make this a popular park to visit. Many dog owners even call Riverside the best park near Augusta!

So if you’re feeling a 22-minute drive from central Augusta, Riverside is the place to go!

Put this in the GPS:

Riverside Park
4431 Hardy McManus Rd
Evans, GA 30809

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